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Shutter Options Are Endless, Plantation Shutters Are a Great Option

There are many different kinds of shutters for the home. Indoors and outdoors bring many different styles and uses from decoration to projection from hurricanes. The one style of shutter that are popular with many homes is window shutters. The style and use of these shutters is simple but the look is classic. Many homes use them and many people are searching for this popular style of window shutters.

Plantation shutters are wildly popular in warmer climates such as Florida, South Africa, the Mediterranean or Australia. The shutters are different from traditional shutters in that the louvers (or slats) on the plantation shutters are wider and on traditional shutters the louvers are more narrow. The louvers on the traditional shutters are moved with a pulley system and a twist rod, as with the plantation they are moved with a tilt rod.

These shutters are perfect for keeping the airflow coming from the window uniform and at a regular cooling. By adjusting how open or closed the slats are, you can have a small breeze coming in or open them wider for a larger breeze. You can also control light in the same way. If you want the room lighter …