bathroom remodel ideas


Pleasure is fleeting—the thrill you feel before you even bought your house will only last so long!

As time passes and your lifestyle changes, you may begin to notice that your home no longer gives you pleasure or isn’t as comfortable as you would like it to be. Is this an indication that you’ll have to move into a newer or better home?

Put a stop to it right now! New does not always imply perfect, and old does not always imply worse. If you’re unhappy with the state of your home, there are less costly and more efficient approaches to develop it—especially through house renovations!

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Below are 5 types of home improvement food lovers will love:

1.     Building a deck

A deck can be used for more than just flipping burgers and soaking up the heat. According to Jerry Levine, president of the Levine Group, an architectural and building company in Silver Spring, Md., “purchasers see a deck as providing a smooth transition from inside to out.” Natural, rustic wood is recommended by specialists. In 2020, property owners who pay an average of $14,400 on lumber and services could seek to recover $10,600, or 71 percent of their expenses, compared to homeowners who paid an average of $14,540 on reinforced decks.

2.     Updating the kitchen

It’s difficult to go wrong with a kitchen renovation. If you’re updating for resale, just quit over personalizing the decor to make your kitchen more marketable; the designs of your dream kitchen might be the substance of someone else’s nightmares.

3.     Update appliances

If your kitchen’s old appliances are dragging it down in terms of both appearance and functionality, it’s time to replace them. Consider replacing only one major item, such as the refrigerator, to tide you over before you can afford a complete remodel. Schedule to shop during three-day holiday weekends, such as Labor Day, or even after the Consumer Electronics Show. Shop when companies launch their newest products, in January and February to get the best offers.

4.     Install Luxe lighting

One of the first items that expose a kitchen’s age is always obsolete light fixtures. Consider replacing the pendant lights in your kitchen for a more contemporary look, or adding accent lights like sconces in key positions.

5.     Switch to a nice cabinet hardware

Consider hardware, such as drawer pulls, hinges, and cabinet toggle switches, to be the jewels of your kitchen. These are the items that are like a statement necklace, can instantly add a touch of glitz and glam to any room. Look for drawer pulls made of high-end materials, such as this brass and mother of marble drawer pulls ($28 for two)

Bottom Line

All of those glamorous specifics can easily add up to an over-budget project when you’re considering a full kitchen renovation. Utilize some kitchen concept concepts that seem more luxurious than their sale prices to help save money without sacrificing style.