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A Bed Scratched into Nothing

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One of my friends was going out of town and needed someone to watch her cat. I agreed to do it, because I loved her cat, but after a certain incident, I didn’t feel so fondly about it. The cat got into my bedroom and started scratching up my bed. My good memory foam mattress was ruined and I had to go to Sleep Matters to find a new bed that would replace the old one. I told my friend that I would never watch her cat again.

I had a maximum budget of $500 to work with, and any beds that were over that price would not be considered, with no exceptions. I’m sure that there are a lot of beds above that price range that are very good, but I just wasn’t willing to pay for them, nor could I afford to pay those prices. I guess if I had a higher paying job or if I had won the lottery, I would consider a more expensive bed, but for the time being, $500 was the limit. Even at that price, there were still some good choices to have. I went with another memory foam mattress, but this one had a little addition.

The new bed had some kind of special cooling gel in it. I have the problem of sweating when I sleep, as do many other people. Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the thermostat so the temperature in the room can go down, but that presents another problem. Sometimes I get too cold, and have to cover up, which makes me warm again. The cooling gel eliminates that problem and I don’t have to bother with the thermostat or the blankets and I can just have an uninterrupted sleep.