Due Diligence is Key to Avoiding Contractor Disasters

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When work needs doing on your home and you don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself, your next best option is going to be hiring a contractor. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with doing this, you do need to be careful with who you hire.

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There are so many contractor disaster stories out there on the internet, and it can be enough to put you off hiring anybody! If you are careful though, you can avoid contractor-related problems which can be expensive, stressful, and set your entire project back.

Even the simplest of home renovations can turn into a major disaster, but if you take time and apply due diligence throughout the hiring process so that you only take on a contractor who is 100{4c8cbe62057d7b5374363fd0f6c91d04a01c8f4814b67609ba6bdc2f9be0637d} suitable for the job, you can avoid all these problems.

#1: Common Contractor Disaster Stories

We have heard of so many different scenarios and occurrences of contractor problems. By far, the most common, however, are accidents in the home caused by a contractor’s lack of due care and attention. Improper use of tools, the careless placement of equipment and use of inappropriate chemicals can all be hazardous not only for a contractor, but for you too. Tripping over equipment and slipping on spills all have the potential for disaster.

It’s not only accidents that you need to be aware of. Often, contractor problems are more to do with damage to property; think spilling paint on the carpet, chipping hardwood flooring, and scratches on your wallpaper.

#2: How to Choose a Contractor

Many people don’t appreciate how much of a challenge this can be. There are a lot of contractors on the market offering their services and expertise, with some offering more than others. Whilst it may seem like a good idea to hire a contractor who can seemingly handle everything, it often isn’t. It’s a far better idea to hire multiple contractors who all specialize in a certain area (i.e. one who is a painter and decorator and another who is a plasterer.) After all, it’s better to be very good at one thing than average at many things.

#3: What to Do If Disaster Strikes

The best thing you can do is not panic, no matter how bad the problems are. Contractors should have insurance covering them for any accidents which take place in your home and on the job, and that covers both damage to your property and injury to either yourself or the contractor.

It depends where you live, but the best way to move forward would be to contact your local authority who are in a better position to provide you with the right advice and send you in the right direction.

If you are considering hiring a contractor to carry out some work on your home, don’t rush into it. Spend time exploring your options and performing background research to make sure you avoid a disaster unfolding in your own home.