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How To Store Wine Glasses Like A Champ

Low angle view on shiny isolated wine glasses in wooden retro cupboard with black alcohol bottle

You will soon run out of cabinet space if your collection of wine glasses (red wine, white wine, champagne flutes, and coupes!) keeps expanding. Stemware may be kept in the best condition by being hung upside down. That reduces the likelihood that the glasses will be knocked off a shelf and shattered into hundreds of small pieces, in addition to preventing dust and debris from gathering inside the glasses. When you have a large collection of glasses, storage for wine glasses is a big need. YOu may need simple storage or a wine climate cabinet.

Understanding glassware

Wide bowls will increase the wine’s surface area, which will promote evaporation and enhance the aroma. A narrower bowl will result in less oxidation, which is essential for enjoying delicate wine kinds, especially whites. The presence of a stem on the glass ensures that the wine won’t be adversely affected by the heat from your hand. Simply put, a tumbler or stemless glass is a less formal option. When spinning a wine glass, a tapered mouth will catch drips and suspend the scent. The flow of the wine will be directed toward the front of your palate by a flared mouth, which is essential for bringing out strong flavours and mellowing acidity. Proper preservation of your wine is needed.

Types of glassware

Understanding the different types of glassware is crucial to know how to store it. In general, you should use tall, narrow glasses, like flutes, for champagne, smaller, narrower bowls for white wine, and wide bowl glasses for red wine. Sommeliers and wine connoisseurs frequently use customised glasses that are designed to accommodate particular grape kinds. Search for the variety of wine you like, such as chardonnay or cabernet, to find stemware made specifically for that beverage.

Storing glassware

Your stemware must be stored properly to stay in good condition. They can be stored upright in a cabinet, which is what many people choose to do. If you set them bowl-down, there is a chance that they will chip. So they won’t bump into each other, give them some room in the cabinet. Additionally, you can save the boxes they came in and store them in those while not in use. But be aware that crystal glasses can pick up some of the scents from the boxes, which might taint your wine. Your stemware might begin to gather dust no matter how you preserve them. Just wipe them down with a fresh microfiber cloth before you pour the wine.

In conclusion, you have not completely mastered the art of drinking wine until you have a firm grasp on the numerous types of stemware, regardless of whether you are a novice or feel yourself to be an expert. Beyond whether you’re drinking a red or a white, the sort of glass you use is quite important. Additionally, the manner you clean the glass might actually change how your wine tastes. Here are some fundamentals for purchasing, using, and maintaining wine glasses.