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Our Company Needed New Locks

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There are many things I wanted to do once I was hired on as the new branch manager of a snack food distribution center. The center employed around 50 people, but several were new hires. My boss had come in and done an audit, which resulted in the firing of the previous branch manager, several of his executive employees, and a few others. Though I did not expect to have any trouble from any of them, I know that we live in an unpredictable world. That is why I did an online search for locksmith in Brisbane 24 hours.

I knew that the firings were going to happen because I was given the job offer weeks earlier. My boss wanted me to be able to step in there the same day that the firings happened. I wanted to make sure that the facility was safe for all workers, because nearly everyone who was fired had keys for any number of locked doors at the distribution center. Though all of them were turned in and accounted for, I knew that copies were more than likely made since it is almost inevitable that keys will be misplaced or lost.

I hired a locksmith to come out that same day. I wanted every lock in the building changed, and I wanted all the keys we would need to be on hand as well. I had already arranged this with the locksmith that I had arranged to handle changing the locks, so he was prepared with all the keys we needed. I also like that he was on time and fairly priced for not only the materials but his time too. I hope that we will not have to replace locks again any time soon, but if we do, I know that we will use the same locksmith.